Fire Protection Contractors

5 Fire Protection Contractor Insurance

Specialized Insurance for Fire Protection Contractors

Keeping people and property safe is a top priority for fire protection contractors. Mistakes in this line of work can lead to significant damage and even harm. While errors are inevitable, having the right insurance coverage can provide essential protection.

Professional Liability Insurance:

When it comes to fire protection systems, precision is key. Professional liability insurance can help cover legal expenses or damages if you are found responsible for negligence.

General Liability Insurance:

The nature of installing fire protection systems involves risks. Whether it’s accidental property damage or injuries to clients, general liability insurance offers vital protection. Consider a commercial umbrella policy for added coverage in extreme situations.

Coverage for Tools and Equipment:

Your tools are the lifeline of your business. Tool and equipment coverage can assist in the repair or replacement of crucial resources to ensure your projects stay on track.

Business Auto Insurance:

Operating between various job sites requires reliable transportation. Business auto insurance safeguards your vehicles, whether you have a single truck or a fleet. Don’t forget about hired and non-owned auto insurance for additional coverage.

Completed Operations Insurance:

Even after completing a project, the risk lingers. Completed operations insurance provides coverage for any mishaps that may arise post-project completion.

General Business Insurance Needs:

While fire protection contractors have unique insurance requirements, standard business insurance considerations still apply.

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